Colton’s Steak House – Conway, AR

“This is a letter of recommendation for Detco and the chemicals that my company has tried over the last three years. After twenty-four years with Ecolab, I felt that the performance and price of their program were no longer of value to the restaurants that I ran.

I wish to recommend Shur-floor as an alternative floor cleaner to anything that we have previously tried. My location is coming up on forty years old and we have a combination of quarry tile, cement and PVC as flooring. With this age, a build-up occurs and Shur-floor helps to break down the grease and dirt that gets left after mopping. The appearance, smell, and cleanliness are much improved over the past.

I have chosen to use the 30-gallon container and dispenser that work with it over the pump placed into the gallon container. I have found that this saves me more than double the product if it was in the control of the employee to dispense. I cannot tell you how much money has been saved over all other products used, but it is significant.

A new product that I have added is also because of the age of the unit – Bio Crystals. We have replaced all of the drainage lines under the foundation and I have decided that I never want to do this again. As of currently, I have not had to have the drains “snaked. Consistently using this every month stopped any build-up and our grease trap looks and smells better.

During the winter I always have Melt-pro in storage to use in the case of snow or ice. Even in Arkansas, we have to be prepared to keep our sidewalks and parking lot transitions cleared for guest safety. This product melts quickly and does not refreeze. It does not eat away at the sidewalks like salt does and does not leave a residue like salt crystals. The blue color helps to know where you initially have spread the product.”

Tim Nail
Conway, AR

Frosty Frog Creamery & Café

“I have been using your Shurfloor product in my restaurant for over two years, and am writing to inform you of our satisfaction level.

We make and serve ice cream in our restaurant, along with specialty coffee, deli-style sandwiches, soups and custom bakery products, and prior to using Shurfloor, we had a problem with the cleaning product we were using. It did not do a good job of removing the slippery residue left from spilled ice cream. Slippery spots on floors that the general public walked on were not acceptable, and we needed to make a change.

A representative from Detco called. We discussed floor cleaning products, and she recommended the Shurfloor product because of the enzyme action. I ordered five gallons as a trial and began using Shurfloor in our dining room to deal with the problems caused by spilled ice cream.

Within a few days, the slippery conditions were eliminated in the dining room. The decision was made to begin using it in our kitchen and the ice cream production area. All of our floors are now safer as well as cleaner. Shurfloor has been a great “find” for my restaurant.

We are very satisfied and would recommend the product to anyone in the restaurant business.

Thank you for the continued good service your company provides.”

Frank Cole

Bishop’s BBQ Grill

“After several conversations with my managers about greasy floors in their restaurants, and walking in the kitchens trying not to slip, I saw that we were going to have to come up with something better than the degreaser we were using.

David Timms had been trying to get us to purchase the Shurfloor for some time and we decided to go with it. What an amazing difference! In just a few short days I hardly recognized the floors I had been seeing. They are grease-free and all the build-up around the equipment legs is gone. We use it about every 2-3 days to maintain the slip-free floors.

We will definitely continue to use this product and I recommend it to anyone who is thinking about purchasing it.”

Diane Hopson
Director of Operations

Colton’s Steakhouse and Grill

“Colton’s Steakhouse and Grill in Searcy, AR has been a Detco customer for over two years. We use the Shurfloor and the Ovec cleaning products. The Shurfloor really cuts the grease and odor down from the daily buildup. The Ovec is a heat-activated cleaning solution we use in cleaning ovens, burners and other char collecting items in our kitchen.

Both of these products are great items. I found the Shurfloor over two years ago when I was trying to cut down on grease buildup on my floors. All other products I had tried could not cut the grease like this product. I have been using the Ovec for over a year now. The sales lady came in and wanted to show me how it worked. I kind of took her for granted and told her I would give it a shot, but I probably wasn’t going to be interested. She fooled me! She sprayed it five times on the inside of my oven door and let it sit for about 15 seconds. It started to eat away at the hard build-up.

I think many people often take cleaning salespeople for granted, but without them, we could not keep our store as clean and updated as we do. When Detco has a product for our problem, it’s a solution.

Ty Venable
Searcy, AR

Mirage Images, INC.

“Our facility is called IMAGES and is a Night Club, open 7 nights a week. We have been using Shurfloor for over three years and believe it is one of the best floor cleaning products on the market.

If Shurfloor is used, as directed, mixed with hot water and immediately used after mixing, the results are very hard to beat. Our bartenders and bar backs are young and usually in a hurry to get out after closing, but after they understand the hot water mixing, immediate use and clean mop theory, they are completely satisfied with the results and are happy with the extra effort to do it right.

After using Shurfloor for a few weeks, I would be very surprised if you did not agree that it is one of the best products on the market.

John L. Blewett

City of Ada Oklahoma

“I wanted to express my appreciation for your service in supplying the Ada Fire Department with quality, effective and reliable products to assist our Firefighters during many different emergency situations.

We have been using your hand sanitizer gel for many years now and all the personnel here really do have an enormous amount of confidence in the product, primarily for its effectiveness and quality. We just recently ordered the disinfectant for our equipment and know this product will give us the same level of protection we are accustomed to.

Our Firefighters can be exposed to many dangerous pathogens while out working vehicle accidents, structure fires and hazardous material incidents and your products have really given our personnel the extra protection they need to be safe. Again, thank you and keep up the good work.”

Marion Harris
Fire Chief

Georgia Pacific

“We have been using your Red Grease for about 25 – 30 years now and I’d like to tell you how pleased we are with your product. We have a fleet of trucks and tankers we use this product on and it really works. We’ve had trucks with over a million miles and never have to replace suspension parts like kingpins and drive like universal joints. I’ll keep using this product as long as you sell it. Thanks for making a great product.”

Frank Richey
Conway, NC

Western Dairy Transport

“This is a letter of recommendation for Detco and the chemicals that my company has used for the past two years. After many years with ZEP and Ecolab products, I felt the performance and the price with these products was no longer of value to the company.

After switching over to Detco products we saw substantial savings and all products that we have used from Detco have performed above and beyond our expectations.

The products we use include Det San A, acid sanitizer, LF Plus soap, which is used in our sanitary CIP.”

Damon Dotson
Director of Purchasing

Friend’s of Elder Citizens

“I want to let you and your company know how much our company appreciates the product we have been using. I am the Nutrition Manager at Friend’s of Elder Citizens in Palacios, Texas. I am a current user of one of your products, Shurfloor and it is a great product. It is cost-effective and lasts at least four months because of the small portion required to mix the solution. It is a product that I would recommend to other companies if in the market for a cleaning solution for tile. It can also be used to pour down your floor drains as it is bio-degradable and it prevents the odors from backing up. I thank you for introducing us to such a great product.”

Lillian Triplett
Nutrition Manager

School Custodian

“My name is Pat De La Garze and I’m a real Detco customer who loves Glory. My job is hard enough as a school custodian. Quite frankly, I don’t have the time or patience to do cleaning tasks over and over again just to make it look Ah… it’s just okay.

Yes, I do get it when my boss decides to buy more of the inferior water-based products and says it’s the lower cost that the company approves only unfortunately, it’s my reality I have to work with. Yes on paper it looks great, a lot of those (water-based) items versus quality. But, is that really a better choice in the long run? No, not for me and here’s why. When I first started to work at my new school… I thought… I wasn’t putting enough… of the water-based inferior item on our chrome fountain. Then, I decided to read the label for the proper instructions. But instead, I had a… A-hah moment and I laughed at the ingredients. No wonder… water the main ingredient won’t make it shine. It didn’t work for me, so I refused to use it.

Then, one lucky day I was cleaning out the janitor’s closet and came across an old can of Glory by DETCO by accident. I decided to use it and OMG… it shinned our chrome like nothing I have ever seen before, one time applied only. Then, I read Detco Glorys’ ingredients label which states, it had non-abrasive ingredients and has a protective quality that coats areas. Perfect since our city water has hard water here in Midland, TX and that causes corrosion stains on our water fountains. Then it occurred to me that, the other water-based stuff my boss had purchased had very little product. My brain thought that water-based product for chrome I was using in the past was such a disappointment to use it because it was wasting my time. I didn’t have the luxury of time or patience to have to reapply it over and over, I was always short of time. I clean a lot of areas now and I needed to cut my time down. This custodian needed a secret weapon.

So, what did I do personally? I bought Detco’s Glory product for our school with my own money. Why, because time is money, I need to save time and extra effort. I need the product to work when I apply it just once – knowing it’s going give me excellent results every time. The funny thing that occurred was that we were awarded in two schools we were cleaning… 1st and 2nd place “Cleanest School”. Like I say it’s not cost versus quantity you should decide to buy, instead it’s rather quality versus quantity? My small Glory Detco supply lasts longer because you need only to apply small amounts. It’s better than the other water products that just sit there now collecting dust; because I refuse to use it.

Thank you Donna Atkins of Detco, you too own a piece of our awards. We love your product Glory and are now planning on buying other Detco products because they work better and get the job done. Quality is more important than any large quantity in the long run.

I was once told that I need to work smarter not harder thanks to Glory I do just that! Thanks again, with your help I love your outstanding Detco products! They help us do our JOB!”

Pat De La Garza
Midland, TX