Gold Grease

Color: Gold
Scent: Solvent
Packing: 45 lb

Extra Heavy-Duty Non-Melt Grease

Gold Grease is an excellent non melt-grease specially formulated with extreme pressure and anti-wear additives to provide heavy duty service. This product has extra tackifiers to provide excellent adhesive and cohesive properties.

Uses: Automotive, Blotting Plants, Sugar Cane Mills, Paper Mills, Steel Mills, Sewage Plants, Cement Plants, Farms, Cotton Gins, Dairies, Industrial, Oil Fields, Textile Plants, Mining, Lumber Mills, Food Plants, etc.

  • Excellent outdoor resistance, extreme pressure, high heat resistance and water resistant.
  • Exceptional resistance to acid, water, salt spray, weather, dirt, dust, steam, and oxidation.
  • Seals out dust-dirt-contaminants, prolongs life of metal parts.
  • Exceptional adhesive-cohesive and anti-wear properties.
  • Gives extra “cushioning” that reduces shock and noise.
  • Performs at a wide variety of temperatures.
  • High shock and impact resistance.
  • No pound out or thin out.
  • Contains special corrosion and rust inhibitors.


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