Color: Red
Scent: None
Packing: 1 gal, 15 gal, 30 gal, 330 gal, 5 gal, 55 gal, dozen quarts

Non-Acid Coil Cleaner

Re-Coil is a concentrated alkaline coil and aluminum cleaner. It eliminates the harsh fumes and odors associated with acid coil cleaners.

Re-Coil has a powerful foaming action that penetrates grime and allows clinging to vertical surfaces. This film helps to push dirt and grime away from the surface.

Re-Coil can be used to clean condenser coils and fins, as well as other aluminum surfaces such as trailers. It is a concentrated product that can be diluted with water for more economical use.

  • Powerful Foaming Action
  • Fast Acting
  • Economical
  • Non-Acid


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