Color: Red
Scent: None
Packing: 1 gal, 15 gal, 30 gal, 330 gal, 5 gal, 55 gal, doz quarts

Concentrated Liquid Bathroom Cleaner

Tub-N-Tile is a highly concentrated liquid cleaner designed to remove dirt, body oils, stains, mildew stains, and soap scum found on surfaces in bathrooms, restrooms, and locker rooms. Its bleaching action leaves sinks, bathtubs, shower stalls, and toilets bright and clean. It is effective in either hard or soft water.

Tub-N-Tile may be applied as a spray, with a brush, cloth, or sponge. Wet the surface to be cleaned and allow a few minutes contact time. Brushing or agitation will hasten its cleaning action. Do not allow the solution to dry before rinsing.

  • Economical
  • Fast Acting
  • Rinses Easily
  • Easy To Use


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