Dust Mop

Color: Colorless
Scent: Banana
Packing: doz aerosol

Oil-Based Dust Mop Treatment

Dust Mop is an oil-based, aerosol dust mop treatment that acts like a magnet to attract dust and lint into mops, dusters and dusting cloths. It prevents scattering and helps mops, cloths and mitts hold more dust, which reduces the chance of inhalation or resettling of dust.

Dust Mop converts dust into heavy lint so that saturated mops can be shaken out easily. It also rinses away easily when mops, cloths or mitts are laundered.

Dust Mop can be used on many surfaces including: tile, linoleum, marble, furniture, terrazzo, laminate and wood floors, window frames and sills, countertops, blinds and gymnasium floors. It helps brighten and protect surfaces as you dust.

  • Attracts Dust & Lint
  • Non-Chlorinated
  • Pleasant Fragrance


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