Diesel Pro

Color: Amber
Scent: Solvent
Packing: 1 gal, 15 gal, 30 gal, 5 gal, 55 gal, doz quarts

Diesel Fuel Conditioner

Diesel Pro provides year round protection for all diesel engines in automobiles, trucks, busses, tractors and all other types of industrial engines.

Diesel Pro contains anti-gel additives, which lower the pour point of the fuel, preventing waxing and gelling in severe low temperature conditions and also contains a cetane improver for easier and quicker starting.

Diesel Pro disperses condensation to protect the fuel pump and fuel injector system, as well as preventing wintertime “icing” and also provides overall injector and fuel system cleanliness.

Diesel Pro reduces objectionable exhaust smoke and odor.

  • Reduces Fuel Consumption
  • Increases Horsepower
  • Anti-Gel Additives
  • Concentrated
  • Eliminates Slime/Algae


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